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Your Payments Success is our Business 


We accelerate the transition from cumbersome paper checks to digital payments by securely collecting and verifying payee bank account details

The energy of a start-up combined with years of payment experience.

The cost to process a single check can be between $6-$10 for businesses when factoring in all related steps.  The OffChex service is designed to remove the most challenging issue -- securely collecting  and verifying payment information from your payees

Primary Service​​

Accounts Payable (AP) paper check removal technology.  Leverage cutting-edge fintech to connect with your payees via Plaid-enabled portal.    

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paper check consultant
making payments electronically

We address critical payment priorities

Our team of seasoned experts leverages years of experience in the payments industry, using the latest technology to tailor and brand to your specific needs. Each engagement is designed as a critical value-added benefit to your AP process improvement strategy

We get to know you

Each relationship revolves around a comprehensive plan built on a thorough understanding of your goals. Your dedicated specialist is committed to supporting your check migration to best-in-class payment methods

getting to know you
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