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About Us

Today, as much as 40% of business payments are still made with paper checks.  This form of payment is subject to check fraud, and not efficient or conducive to current technology around automating AP processes.  Offchex, Inc is a payment consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses migrate away from paper checks, and therefore allows businesses new opportunities to take advantage of technological automation in payables.


Our Mission

Be the leading payment consultant for businesses who wish to optimize their existing payment methods.  We provide the expertise and full end-to-end services to migrate from legacy and inefficient check payment methods to digital and automated methods, thus allowing clients to reduce risk and automate payments with their preferred partners.   

What we do

Our services help make connections that strengthen the buyer/supplier relationship.  Clients leverage OffChex to help implement digital payment methods, and allow them to digitize invoicing, POs and procurement functions that benefit both buyers and suppliers. 

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