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  • What problem does this service solve?
    Experts agree that the cost to process a single check cost companies between $6.00 - $10.00. That includes the time and labor involved in invoicing, routing for signature, and mailing. There is also the cost associated with errors, lost checks, fraud, and processing fees. Considering these facts as well as delays in mail delivery times, paper checks are going to be difficult for businesses to sustain.
  • What result does Offchex, Inc. create for customers?
    The engagement with Offchex, Inc. will result in clients who have successfully streamlined a higher percentage of their payments.
  • How do you create the result?
    Offchex provides outreach services to vendors receiving paper checks and encourages the adoption of an electronic alternative. The outreach is endorsed by the client and vendor (or customer) commits to provide needed information/actions to migrate to the more desirable method.
  • Who does the OffChex serve?
    Target markets are small, medium or large enterprises who make a material number of paper check payments and have a desire to streamline their payments process and find accounts payable efficiencies.
  • Why do we do what we do?
    The reason we provide this service and expertise is to partner with small, medium and large-sized businesses in an area of their business that is inherently challenging for them, and they have no in-house solution.
  • Why should customers choose Offchex over the competition?
    Offchex is dedicated to the specific paper check migration challenges. This requires an outreach component that many others don’t offer and as a result, we gather more in-depth knowledge and insights while delivering on the goal of streamlining payments for customers. Offchex also employs a fee model that is structured on contingency. We get paid only after we have confirmed commitment from the payee (payor) to migrate off paper checks and onto a more desirable method.
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