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OffChex is committed to client relationships

We enhance clients relationships with suppliers or customers through mutually beneficial payment/acceptance methods.  We reduce check fraud risk for all parties with more secure payment methods and ensure connections are trustworthy and safe

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We listen and deliver results

We are committed to our client's success and hold ourselves accountable to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction across both buyer and supplier interactions.  We ensure success by an end-to-end implementation, testing and verification process to ensure new payment methods are operating as desired  

We are your partner Your success is our success.

Our fee is contingent on successfully migrating to client's preferred payment method.  Our cost calculator estimates the annual check costs and your return on investment 


We strive to enhance the buyer/supplier relationship and show results that streamline payments for both parties. 

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We build relationships that matter

We value meaningful human connections that foster long term relationships. We put clients first and ensure we are focused on their key payment priorities and show results that make a positive impact on their business 

CEO, Rewards Company

"We needed to reduce the risk of check fraud in our business.  We realized paper checks were a costly and risky way to make payments.  OffChex not only saved us money in the long run, but took the exosure we had to check fraud off the table"

CFO, Nonprofit

"Once we looked into the cost of checks, we knew we needed to make a change.   OffChex did the heavy lifting of enabling ACH with payees,  as well as testing and implementation.  We couldn't be happier with the service" 
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